Welcome to Mäckish community, a unique group of sandwich-loving members from all corners of the world.

Mäckish Community

Breakfast Mäckish, Hangover Mäckish, Wedding Mäckish, Breakup Mäckish, All-in-Mäckish, Vacation Mäckish...are just a few of the thousand sandwiches that has been posted in the colorful Facebook community.


Get inspired, share your sandwich and

have fun - join the Mäckish community!


How it all started

In 2012, the two best of friends, Olga and Kegen, moved from Stockholm to Berlin and created a Facebook group called Mäckish Official, where friends and family members shared their love for sandwiches. Back then the Mäckish duo could never imagine where this group would take them.


Today Mäckish has evolved into an international community on social media; it is now an event-, photography- and recipe-developer-service.


Olga with her energy and talent for creative cooking and Kegen with her artistic photography and feeling for colors and shapes, and together they create a unique concept that have no limits.


Lets Talk!

Let’s talk about new ideas, events or just how much we all love sandwiches! Contact Olga and Kegen with your questions and they get back to you as soon as possible.


Email: info@mackish.se

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Mäckish Values

Mäckish’s goal has always been to contribute to positive change in the world. Through Mäckish, Olga and Kegen would like to spread happiness and also set an example in sustainable thinking by doing their best in:

1. Aiming for zero food waste through creative cooking

2. Always try to work with locally produced products

3. Always have plant based options

4. Use ecological and organic ingredients as much as possible

5. Use less animal products

6. Cook everything from scratch

7. Work actively to connect and unite people in the Mäckish community

8. Have an open community for all, no matter what ethnicity, gender, sexuality or class

9. Use no palmoil

10. Minimize flying, take train when possible, never do only one job at remote destinations, always optimize